elevate your everyday

by blending the science of learning into the art of living

Three Brands. One Mission.

Connecting the Future

Restoring the togetherness of team in the face of a march towards the singularity of the self. People live, learn and work better when we are in harmony with the world around us and the people in it. It's time to reset and re-'psync'.

Changing the Future

Creating the largest most inclusive global community of people who have a shared passion to be a better version of themselves everyday while being prepared to challenge the age old stereotypes of what success is, should or could be. 

Championing the Future

To be the loudest voice for human performance by helping to unlock the innate potential within us all. Everyone has a contribution to make, nobody is untalented and we are on a mission to prove it around the world.

A succesful global career briefly but abruptly interrupted by a period of psychological ill health. As everything I knew turned upside down, the clarity I sought was nowhere to be found, until one day my journey to make sense of the world led me to create a framework that changed eveything. The year was 2012 and I called it cbteach®

Shantonu - Founder of cbteach®

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About us

A team of challenge takers

We are driven by finding sustainable solutions to some of humanity's most enduring problems, whether in the corporates we work with, the communities we live in or the colleges our children attend.


We want everyone to elevate themselves and those around them every single day. We passionately believe that not only is this possible, it's well within our collective reach.


All that is needed to unlock this future is the right key. That key is cbteach®

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bring cbteach® into my organisation?If your goal is to elevate your business or team to a higher level of performance along with better wellbeing for all, get in touch with us. We have worked with clients around the world to design and deliver a wide range of bespoke services and solutions powered by cbteach®

I'm looking for a coach, can you help?In short, there is no short answer! cbteach® is not one thing, it's a way for you to seek clarity on your future journey and the potential you want to realise. We can teach individuals like you how to get the best out of cbteach® so you can flourish and thrive in all that you do and seek to achieve. Everything you will learn is entirely compatible with coaching and/or counselling, however cbteach® is about education and learning, and should not be seen as a replacement for therapy or counselling.

cbteach® is perfectly aligned with our brand, how can we work together?That's fantastic! It is so important to us to be able to transmit the ethos and way of being that sits at the heart of cbteach® to as many consumers as possible. The best way for us to do this at scale and with sustainability in mind is to establish partnerships with brands that share our values. What are you waiting for, get in touch and let's see how we can elevate your brand so that your clients and consumers can elevate their everyday.